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  • Impatient Pamela, Why Are My Feet So Huge?
  • Color, Color, Where Are You, Color?
  • Disc Golf, All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play
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  • Disc Golf, All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play
  • Color, Color, Where Are You, Color?
  • Honk The Moose
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  • Grandpa, What's That Sound in the Middle of the Night?
  • Impatient Pamela, Learn How to Call 9-1-1

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Disc Golf, All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play

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Learn the sport you want to play!

You've noticed them - those people throwing discs that look like Frisbees. You may have even seen the discs land in big chain baskets, and heard the "cha-ching" of the disc hitting home.

Now you too can play Disc Golf. Michael Steven Gregory guides you through all the steps you need, including:


  • Rules and history of the game
  • Proper stance, grips, and throws
  • Equipment and supplies
  • How to find a course
  • Variations on the game
  • The Zen of Disc Golf

You will be playing
After chapter three!

Michael Steven Gregory, award winning screenwriter and director, turns his love of writing to the sport he loves - Disc Golf. Gregory teaches screenwriting at the University of California, San Diego. He is Filmmaker in Residence at Alliant University, and he has been an avid disc golfer for the past several years. He lives in San Diego, California.



Selected Amazon.com Reviews:

Read the book, buy a disc, go throw! By Joe Z 

 I've been throwing for only 6 months, but I've been a spotter at the USDG Championship for two years, so I know the game both as a newb and as an official. Bottom line is the book is excellent. If I have one quibble it's the list of discs. The author barely scratches the surface of available discs, which change year to year, so this is something best left out of a physical book. That and, well, it's kind of a case of TMI because he can't list all the discs, just enough to be confusing. Innova alone makes more than 60 flavors of discs. Don't go there.Here's my advice to the new thrower: Forget about distance drivers. All you'll get is serious fade and not much distance. High performance discs will only perform when thrown really, really fast. Avoid them. Buy a fairway driver and a putter. For Innova I recommend a Leopard and an Aviar. For Discraft I like the Buzzz and Magnet. If you have the cash, buy 3 of each: 3 Leopards, 3 Aviars. That way, when you practice, if one disc flies weird you know it's you and not the disc. If I can recommend a companion book it has to be Zen Golf by Dr. Joseph Parent. It's about stick and ball golf, but the theory applies: Learn the basics, then trust your body to figure out the rest. Simple as that. Buy this book, buy a couple of discs, go out and have fun!


Disc Golf By David Kunkel  

A very interesting and enlightening guide book for a sport that few people are familiar with. The book does a good job of providing orientation about the game and is very instructional as well. Easy and enjoyable reading.


 Great for beginners By B. Williams "broken paddle" 

Great stuff for the amateur. I learned how to throw an Anhyser from this book, which has helped my game immensely. The videos I have watched are not as detailed in the description of method. Plus I can refer back easily with the book. I pack it with me to the coarse.


Great reference guide! By Ken J. Stager "Ken Stager"I first bought this book after only throwing five or six times, and man did that help me get a better idea of what I should be working on, and most importantly in what order! This book was a life saver to me as a beginner! Now that i read through it, it's nice to brush though it from time to time just to brush up on things you may be over looking. I've loaned this book to a couple of my friends I throw with, and even though they have been throwing for years, they were still surprised with the tips they were able to pick up from this guide! Also as a newbie, there is a great guide to discs in the back, really outlines the disc selection pretty well, making it easy for me to know what to look for! 

Great gift for the disc golfer By Holly Imus "doggie mom"

I got this book for my brother in law who loves to go disc golfing and is fairly new to this sport. My husband and other brother also love to play and when this was given they spent the evening testing out the moves that this book shows. This book is easy to read and gives alot of great description of how to throw each different disc. This book got much praise not only from the brother who received it but also from the other men in the house. My husband now wants one for himself


Disc Golf Book By S. Rugg

I like how the book is organized. Written conversationally, it conveys an interest and excitement in the game. The book's organization into specific chapters (history, approach, putting, etc.) makes it easy to pick it up and put it down, try some tips out on the course and then refer back to a certain chapter for a better understanding. Even experts would benefit from the in-depth description of different ways to the throw the discs, and I really liked the appendix that outlines the characteristics of most all the different discs out on the market. The graphics are good with regard to holds and feet placement. As a beginning disc golfer, I have found this book to be inspirational and helpful.


Excellent  By D. Jette "redsundon"

Here is a really easy to read book on disc golf, loaded with information on how to get started and to improve your game. I found it most helpful as I am a beginner at the age of 70. It is good for all ages.


Learn To Enjoy Golf By Paul J. Newman This book is very interesting for anyone into the sport of golf. Very good reading.


Great Book By J. Ervin This book is great for both the beginner and more experienced players. It covers the history of the sport, styles, gear, etc. Well worth the price.

Disc Golf, All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play

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