• Grandpa, What's That Sound in the Middle of the Night?
  • Impatient Pamela, Why Are My Feet So Huge?
  • Color, Color, Where Are You, Color?
  • Disc Golf, All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play
  • Honk The Moose
  • Impatient Pamela, Learns About Germs
  • Disc Golf, All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play
  • Color, Color, Where Are You, Color?
  • Honk The Moose
  • Impatient Pamela Calls 911
  • Grandpa, What's That Sound in the Middle of the Night?
  • Impatient Pamela, Learn How to Call 9-1-1

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Non-Fiction Books

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Gifts from the Garden

Gift from the Garden cover art.

Much like Anne Morrow Lindberg’s Gift from the Sea, Bernie DuBois applies a gentle approach to the changes and phases that happen in a woman’s life, and she compares these stages to plants in Gift from the Garden.

In this graceful, poignant book, DuBois shares her musings on belonging and community; healing and nurturing; and building a vision that works for each woman’s life.

Drawing inspiration from her garden, her anecdotes are filled with humor and compassion for women’s dilemmas. Having been a college teacher and administrator, Bernie Dubois brings a wise and insightful approach to the way women are constantly changing and growing in today’s frenzied society. Her writing is both restorative and inspirational, no matter the reader’s life stage.

Ben Franklin Silver Award in the Inspirational Category.

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Price: $12.95

Disc Golf, All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play

Learn the sport you want to play!
You've noticed them - those people throwing discs that look like Frisbees. You may have even seen the discs land in big chain baskets, and heard the "cha-ching" of the disc hitting home. Now you too can play Disc Golf. Michael Steven Gregory guides you through all the steps you need, including:

  • Rules and history of the game
  • Proper stance, grips, and throws
  • Equipment and supplies
  • How to find a course
  • Variations on the game
  • The Zen of Disc Golf

You will be playing
After chapter three!

Michael Steven Gregory, award winning screenwriter and director, turns his love of writing to the sport he loves - Disc Golf. Gregory teaches screenwriting at the University of California, San Diego. He is Filmmaker in Residence at Alliant University, and he has been an avid disc golfer for the past several years. He lives in San Diego, California.

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How to Get Noticed by the National Media

Get the National Publicity You Deserve!

Your organization has a great thing going - a unique product, service, or program. All you need to do now is get attention at the national level. How? Sometimes it's not so easy. You need to attract and hold the attention of busy reporters and convince them that your story is unique. Lewis and Jones help you do just that. How To Get Noticed By The National Media will show you how to:

  • Recognize stories that deserve national attention
  • Write effective pitch letters and promote your stories
  • Use your regional reputation for getting the national spotlight
  • Get op/ed pices printed word-for-word in the regional and national press
  • Find just the right reporter and publication that matches your goals
  • Handle crisis situations and come out looking competent and strong

Written by public relations experts, this book will help you create a public relations campaign that gets your company or organization in the national spotlight.

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Price: $19.95